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3/8/2020  sermon     this is my first time trying to record my sermon using my iphone. It is "We are made for others"

3/2/2020 sermon    so I recorded my sermon at City Campus entitled "Jesus is the Only way"

2/29/2020  podcast 

2/17/2020  podcast  

1/29/2020 podcast  

1/24/2020 podcast   

1/7/2020 Podcast    

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Uh oh. I finally did a new podcast. I know, hard to believe. See it below. My two rss feeds are up and running too. For devotionals it is and for podcasts it is


Got to preach from Acts 4 yesterday, and like always I am struck by the courage of Peter and John especially in the light of what they had done about a couple months before in basically: Running, hiding and lying their way out of being associated with Jesus. You know, like me, too much of the time. But the thing that really struck me was in Acts 4, Verse 12 - and it essentially says this: There is only one place to find Salvation - through Jesus - and I don't care what you think - that is IT.

Do I really love my neighbor? If I do why am I not telling him or her about this right now? Why am I wasting my time even typing this when they are out there dying? It makes me re-evaluate sometimes. I resolve this is my message of hope. Later.


Just finishing up with the 1-2-3 John series we have been teaching at City Campus, and also finishing a YouVersion bible study from Rick Warren that many of my friends have been studying with me called "You Make me crazy"  Both of them were really - wow - really kind of great. The Study on you make me crazy spoke to a lot of conflict and how to work through it spiritually. Rick Warren is so gifted at taking spiritual issues and simplifying them. One of those on the first day was "Did you realize that there is just a one letter difference between Danger and Anger" and his Proverbs 14:29 reference locked that in. The study worked through all sorts of issues surrounding how people treat us and we treat people. Treating difficult people well, getting past conflicts, even issues with parents.

Then the John letters - Letters about hope and life and avoiding sin, and keeping away from heresy. The heresy of thinking Jesus was not a real person when he was incarnated here on earth - just a ghost. And how to love people. Over and over. To treat people like they matter to you the way they matter to God. It's an amazing study and I am thankful I got to preach through that at City with Kyle these past two months - and thankful for Harrison stepping in one week Kyle and I couldn't be there.

You may or may not know me. I am just a guy who struggles with life, tries to be a good husband and father and worker, and someone who tries to follow Jesus. These are my podcasts.

    4_8_2019 Podcast  Final four, People Running for President, and the ultimate winner, Jesus

5/5/2016 podcast.  Proverbs and friends. Yes, a friend is closer than a brother

  2/4/2016 Podcast. Deuteronomy 4 kind of rocks. I think this is probably 1 of 2 or more on the subject

1-16 podcast - ruminations on how the detail in Exodus applies to the church today. Without the sheep slaughtering of course.
10/25 Podcast - Yeah - I finally lay out what I really think about whiners and the elders of the church

9-25 Podcast - Hey, the Pope's in town and I wonder why he gets to talk to congress

 9-9 podcast - what I want to do I can't seem to do?

8-20 podcast - just about Gluttony - with a tad of Cubs love in there

8-8 podcast - after my prayer time this morning at CASI - God showed up. Short just 4 minutes.

8-7 Podcast about the Civil War, Anniversaries and monuments

  7-21 from CIY Move - musings on CIY

late evening 7-18 podcast post health fair - guest starring stephanie

Morning 7-18 - before the health fair .

7-14-2015  - The all Star Game, the health fair and my story

 - 7-11-2015 - random first thoughts

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